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Super Bright Cree Led Torch Light ONLY 9.99

Adjustable Focus And Free Duracell Batteries Included

Cree Led Torch light: Very bright and GOOD value for money. Are you completely in dire need of a torch light that's powerful, brilliant and resilient, made with adjustable beam? Are you looking for an outstanding and bright led torch light that can easily be taking anywhere, energy consumption efficient and resistant to shock? If so, the led torch light by Sipik is the ideal product for you.
cree led flaslight
Cree Led Torch Light Review
Led Flashlight
  • SUPER BRIGHT CREE LED TORCH LIGHT; produces an excellent illumination of about 400% higher than a common 9 LED torch, visible at up to 500 feet away, and 140 lm brightness in direct light
  • Three Adjustable beam focus; select focus between narrow, area and flood beams. Perfect for working in a dark environment.
  • Low power; requires 3 AAA batteries duracell batteries included to work.
  • Compact and portable design; dimension 1.34 in x 4. 29 in, ideal for keeping or carrying or travelling. Good as an outdoor gear.
This is a really great little torch. In fact, it is the best torch I now own and it is the smallest torch too! I like to keep a torch in my handbag as they turn the street lights out where I live. It is VERY dark on the way back to my house and having this torch to light the way is great. It is a very bright and clear light. The scope of the lit area is adjustable by twisting the top. I also used it for a camping weekend recently and it was perfect for that too. I am considering buying a few more. If you don't mind a small torch, then do not hesitate. Don't be phased by the size and think that the quality of light may not be good.... it's great!
Special Features
  • Three Adjustable beam for perfect focusing
  • Extremely bright
  • Shock proof: metal body
  • Small and Compact and portable in Size
  • Super bright
  • Efficient Power Consumption requires 3AAA Duracell batteries
Given the price, I was expecting a relatively cheap torch just to be used in emergencies. However, actually really good quality so very impressed. Would definitely purchase again if I needed another
Pros and Cons
  • Shockproof: Cannot be destroyed by free fall.
  • Adjustable beam
  • Portable and very bright
  • Good Design and good for outdoor
  • No instruction guide included
Overall Rating
Cree Led Torch Light Review
The Cree Led Torch Light by Sipik is portable, strong and adjustable focus. It is very bright and power efficient. The design is perfect. and very cheap for such a quality. I bought this little torch purely to read gas and electric meters, but it is so good I carry it about with me for running and walking the dogs in the dark. Its perfect. I love the beam it produces and it is very strong. Excellent for the price. This deserve my  5 stars.  
Your Headline
Portable, small and strong.
Very bright with adjustable beam
Power Consumption
Efficient power consumption
Very cheap considering the design, material and the overall quality
The cree led torch light is one of the best in the market presently. I strongly recommend the Sipik cree led torch light to everyone. Very bright led torch light with an efficient power usage.

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